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About us

Arthur Murray Calgary - About us

We Practice Proven Teaching Techniques to Have You Dancing in No Time

The teaching technique at Arthur Murray, including the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Calgary, has been perfected over the past century. Trainers from the Arthur Murray corporate headquarters travel around the world to each dance studio to coach instructors periodically. You will be learning from not only the best dancers, but the most qualified teachers.

The Arthur Murray Studios’ teaching is on a scholastic basis, and degrees of dancing achieved are varied. Instruction progresses through: Student Introductory & Social Ease, and Associate or Full Programs in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Bar and Gold Star Standards. This system is called the Medallist System and is used worldwide. Courses are designed for people desiring instruction in either Social or Competition Styles.

Additionally, at our Calgary dance studio, we utilize a comparative style of teaching called the Arthur Murray Method, which enables students to learn the skills needed for dancing (not just steps) in the most efficient way possible. Our goal is to help you get out on the floor dancing as soon as possible.


Teaching Tailored to Your Learning Style

Each of us has a different learning style. In fact, as you progress, your learning needs will change. We analyze your learning style and needs as you progress and match you up with the most appropriate teacher and lessons with several teachers.


Learn To Dance From Qualified and Licensed Dance Teachers

8 out of 10 dancing schools in America were started by people without any previous or adequate dance training. They simply decided to hang out a shingle and teach. No license or examination is necessary, and anyone without any dance knowledge or training can profess to teach dancing.

Not at Arthur Murray! All of our teachers are fully qualified and coached on a regular basis. Your safest dance course is with an Arthur Murray expert!


Learn to Dance in a Warm, Friendly, and Non-Judgemental Atmosphere

We recognize that students learn best in a friendly and relaxing environment. Our dance teachers and staff make it a priority to help you feel at ease from the minute you walk through our doors. We are located in the safe and accessible location. You will feel safe leaving our classes even late in the evenings.

Being a student at Arthur Murray dance studio in Calgary also entitles you to participation in group lessons, practice parties and other special events such as competitions and black-tie dinners. You will have ample opportunities to practice your skills in live, welcoming party environments with teachers and other students, where encouragement and peer support are our main focus.